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Slavic beauty expos

SlavicBeauty is happy to return to the World Dairy Expo in 2018.
Visit us booth AL 116 to see our new cream separators along with cow milkers, goat milkers, pas-teurizers and spare parts.
October 2-6, 2018 Booth AL 116
Vist booth AL 116 to see the quality dairy equipment for small herds by SlavicBeauty.
October 3-7, 2017 Both, AL 116
SlavicBeauty is happy to return to EuroTier – The world’s leading trade fair for animal production this year and showcase mini dairy equipment for small dairy farmers and homesteaders.
Hannover, Germany 15-18 November, 2016 Booth 13-D64
Visit our new location booth AL 116 to see SlavicBeauty cream separators, goat milkers, cow milkers and butter churns at World Dairy Expo 2016.
We look forward to be a part of WDE for the 5th consecutive year. Madison, WI
October 4-8, 2016 Booth AL 116

Slavic Beauty – An Online Shop for Unique, Affordable Goods.

Are you looking for something special for your household, small farm or homestead? You are at the right place, then! Let’s go on a journey through our website. Choose what interests you the most at the moment – Dairy, Home or Wellness.

Are you a proud owner of that iconic symbol of rural living – a family milk cow?  Look in on our Dairy section for milking machine to make your daily milking routine easier for you and more comfortable for your cow. Are you looking for faster way to separate raw milk? In this section you can find our cream separators which you can use with any kind of milk, including goat’s milk. Do you have a lot of milk to be processed into delicious dairy products? Then you cannot do without our butter churn and cheese molds!

Are you looking for a well balanced mineral complex to support the good health of your cows and goats? Visit our Wellness section and you will be amazed at the power of magnesium oil for your livestock, poultry and even for yourself!

Do you like to make your everyday household chores easier and enjoyable and looking for new appliances? Check out our Home section. Our vareniky and pelmeni molds will help you to broaden the dishes on your table and bring your cuisine to a new  level!

Are you a small-scale farmer or just grow veggies at your backyard and looking to extend your growing season? Then you need to cover your growing space with our easy-to-install hoop house that fits anywhere and can be an effective tool for creating the perfect covered place to support your farming!

Are you working with your gloves on? Even so, you still need constant hand washing. You can hang our mini hand washing station at any place of your comfort and enjoy the running water at your fingertips!

Since 2003, Slavic Beauty has been delivering the world’s finest dairy equipment, beauty products, appliances, and assorted items to our website, eBay and Amazon customers. Slavic Beauty has earned a stellar reputation for quality and service. Whether you want to process your own milk with an electric cream separator, want the benefits magnesium oil offers, or simply want to browse the Slavic Beauty online shop to see what’s new, you can count on us to deliver quality products at affordable prices. Explore Slavic Beauty online and discover the world’s must useful, but sometimes hard-to-find, products today.

About Slavic Beauty

Since 2012 Slavic Beuaty has a booth at World

Dairy Expo in Madison, VVI

Since 2012 Slavic Beauty has a booth at World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI

Since 2003, Slavic Beauty has been offering high quality affordable goods. Our products have not only found favor in the USA, but around the world as well for their unique quality. We offer the following products from our online store:

In addition, we offer a range of health and beauty products as well. From UVB psoriasis lamps and high frequency facial units to 7/16″ electrodes for violet wand, you can find what you need to improve your overall appearance as well as your health at Slavic Beauty.

With the exception of the UVB psoriasis lamp which is made in China, all of our products come from the Ukraine. Each of these products are built to last and made from highly durable materials. In addition to our products being long lasting, our butter churns, cream separators and milk analyzers have spare parts available just in case something should wear our or break over time. This means that you can enjoy our products for many years to come.


Although our products are mostly made in the Ukraine, we ship our cream separators and UVB lamps out of our facility in Michigan which means that United States residents can receive them very quickly thanks to proven carriers such as FedEx. In fact, we ship them free inside the US and for an additional charge our products can be shipped around the world.

We believe in simple, straightforward pricing so that if you live in the US you can trust that the price you pay will include shipping to your location.

Slavic Beauty Booth at EuroTier 2014, Hannover,



In addition to selling our products online, we also promote what we do at celebrated events such as the World Dairy Expo that is an annual event located in Michigan every year along with our recent participated in EUROTIER in Hannover, Germany. At these events we not only demonstrate our product line, we also answer questions and show just how valuable they can be in the home.

We believe strongly in providing the best customer service possible so that you get the product you want in a timely fashion. Our friendly, courteous staff is here to explain about the products we offer and answer your questions as well. We understand that our reputation is only as good as our last customer, so we strive every day to do the best we can so that you can enjoy our products.

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