Somatic cell counter

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This analyzer is designed to measure relative viscosity of raw (uncollected) milk and calculate concentra-tion of somatic cells in raw (uncollected) milk. The test is conducted by mixing equal amounts of milk and reagent. The somatic cell content is calculated depending on the viscosity of the milk sample after added reagent. Depending on the time of flowing of the mixture through the flask restrictor, the proces-sor calculates quantity of somatic cells in milk

This analyzer is supplied with USB

Indication range of somatic cells concentration in milk 50 · 103 to 1500· 103 /сm3

Indication range of relative viscosity 0.1 to 99.00 s

Acceptable tolerance of absolute error upon measuring of time of the probe expiration + 0,3 с

Acceptance tolerance of relative error of relative viscosity measurement + 5 %

Ranges of acceptable absolute deviation of calculated value of somatic cells concentration of computed value + 1 n, where dn is a price of the smallest category of the measuring indicator

Notional relative viscosity and acceptable deviation of notional value of control sample (8,3 + 0,3) s

Diameter of restrictor of working reading device of measuring vessel (1,5 + 0,05) mm

Time of push-button controlled mixing (30 + 10) s (programmable)

Volume of milk sample 20 сm3

Setup time after hooking up 3 minutes at most

One analysis duration 3 minutes at most

Dimensional specifications 180 х 170 х 210 mm

Mass 2.5 ru at most

Power supply Trough the adapter - voltage converter 220\12, power capacity 40 W

Running time 8 hours at least

Mean time between failures 5000 hours at least

Total service life 5 years at least

Capacity 40 VA at most

Archive of the measurement data 25-3200 (depending on the chip memory)

Ambient temperature 10 to 35°C

Atmospheric relative humidity to 80%

Atmosphere pressure 84 to 107 kPa, (630 to 800 mm of mercury)

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