Slavic Beauty Moves to Michigan and Offers Expedited Shipping

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Recently, the company called Slavic Beauty became the first in its industry to supply the US marketplace with small cream separators. The recent move of inventory to the USA warehouse has allowed people to buy cream separator in the USA and not have it shipped from overseas. This means it is possible for a person to order a fast deliver cream separator that arrives the next day. Slavic Beauty provides its customers with exceptionally designed countertop cream separators and their spare parts all from the recently relocated inventory which is now in Benzonia, Michigan. The move has allowed the company to respond quickly to customers who want their cream separator shipped from the USA.

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Today, there is a growing movement of people who want to make their own fresh cream and butter from the milk of cows, sheep and goats. Slavic Beauty offers some of the best crafted cream separators that are designed for maximum efficiency, are easy to use and last a long time. However, if a part should fail, there are spare parts for cream separators that are available for quick shipment as well.

Spare Parts

All separators that are sold include a full range of spare parts as well. They are now shipped from a warehouse in Michigan by FedEx Ground. This means that when you need a spare part for your cream separator, it will be there quickly. Spare parts for cream separators are inexpensive and easy to replace so you do not have to purchase an entirely new product if one part should fail.

It is relatively rare that parts from a cream separator should fail under normal use conditions. However, by providing spare parts at low prices and including instructions if needed, Slavic Beauty is backing up their products which can now be sustained for many years to come.


All domestic shipping in the US is handled through FedEx Ground which means that you will receive the item quickly. If you need your item to arrive faster, Slavic Beauty has expedited domestic shipping options as well which include Next Day Air. International shipping options are available for Canada, Central and South America. If you have any questions about shipping, please contact Slavic Beauty and their friendly, courteous staff will answer all of your questions.

About Slavic Beauty

Created in 2003, Slavic Beauty sells a number of products on eBay and Amazon around the world. Most noted for their cream separators, this company specializes in selling a variety of products from the Ukraine at low, affordable prices. Slavic Beauty is also the official representative of Motor Sich Cream Separators in the US.

The owner of Slavic Beauty, Katerina Luniova commented that this move represents an improved change for her customers in the USA by having their vaunted line of cream separators closer at hand. Now a person living in the US can order and receive their cream separator within two days if they so desire. Keeping their customers happy is the goal of Katerina Luniova and her company, Slavic Beauty.

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