Bird & Wildlife Scarer Bird Scare Propane Scarecrow Mechanical Cannon

$ 299.00


Product Information

  • Humane and effective way to protect large agricultural areas and farmlands against undesirable birds and wildlife. Mechanical model
  • No harm to nature and all living creatures. Sonic blast volume of 120 decibel. Covers 1-5 acres, depending on topography
  • Safe, reliable and efficient. Easy to set up. 5 gal propane tank (not included) lasts up to 18000 blasts
  • SlavicBeauty Bird Scarer is used in agricultural, commercial and industrial fields. Up to 40 min blast intervals set up. Day and Night mode set up
  • Tank not included 4 ft tripod can be purchased separately (optional)

Comes complete minus the propane tank Propane tank should be purchased separately. Detailed instructions in English are included.



The unit comes with 18 month warranty


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