Pierogi and Ravioli Mold by Slavic Beauty


Creating your own pasta is now a breeze thanks to the new pierogi and ravioli pasta making molds from Slavic Beauty. Now, you can make your own pierogi, varenyky, and ravioli using ingredients of your choosing to create delicious dishes for you and your family. This is the perfect device for the home chef who wants to put their own take on pasta making.


The molds come in different shapes so you can create the exact dish that you want. All you need is a little time and care and you can create delicious treats for your family.

How It Works

Molds ravioli Molds pierogi

The molds are crafted from high quality plastic which makes them quite durable, light, and easy to use in the kitchen. In the old days, ravioli had to be hand-rolled which was a time-consuming process which dissuaded many homemakers and chefs from creating this delicious item on a frequent basis. Thanks to the mold, it now takes just a fraction of the time to create ravioli, pierogi, or varenyky.

Sprinkle the mold with flour and create a large, flat roll of dough that will make the outside of your ravioli. Now, place it over the mold so that it fits rather tight. Once in place, you can now add the meat or whatever you desire which will make the inside of the ravioli. As all the spaces are filled up, the contents will press the dough down gently into the mold.

Making ravioli

Now, make some more dough and roll it out until it is thin and flat. Place it over the mold and then roll it again until the edges of the mold cut into the dough. The rolling action connects the two layers of dough and traps the meat or other content inside. All you need to do is gently press out the ravioli onto the table, gather it up and store it until you are ready for boiling or baking.

The pierogi mold works in basically the same fashion, allowing you to easily place the layer of dough, add the necessary contents, and place another layer on top and roll which creates the pierogi.


There are several benefits to using the molds from Slavic Beauty in creating the ravioli, pierogi, or varenyky that you want to create.

  • Easy to use
  • Perfect mold every time
  • Simple clean up
  • Compact storage
Pierogi  making

It only takes a few moments once you have prepared the dough to create your favorite recipe, adding the ingredients you want which puts your own touch on the food. The molds are solid, well-designed, and easy to clean up and store which means that you can use them time and time again. The best news is that you can now create the delicious treats you want in a fraction of the time compared to old-fashioned hand-rolling.

Ravioli pasta making

If you are looking to create ravioli, pierogi, or varenyky from scratch, then you will want the easy to use molds from Slavic Beauty. Pasta making will never be so quick and easy thanks to these wonderful molds.