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The cups designed to provide absorbable, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects in bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, inflammatory diseases of muscle and nerve trunks.

Cup massage is a type of massage based on the local impact on human body with rarefied air. This method of therapy through the use of decreased pressure is a type of vacuum therapy, widely used nowadays for treating a variety of human diseases.

Cup massage is performed with medical cups, which have vacuum-sucking, thermochemical, and reflectory impact on the skin, hypoderm, muscles and nerves, biologically active zones and meridians of the human body.

Cup massage lasts 10 to 20 minutes and is accompanied with the feeling of warmth.

Cup massage can be performed on almost all areas of human body. Most often cup massage is used to massage back, chest, limbs, and even face. Cup massage in the facial area is recommended after the paralysis of facial nerves and also with a cosmetic purpose. The procedure starts and ends with classical manual massage techniques.


  • Diameter of the glass cup - 50 mm
  • Height - 85 mm

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DATE: 4th December, 2011

I was very impressed by the quality! They are easy to use with good suction. The massage cups are made of glass though and I would make sure you are using them over a carpet, they will break if dropped on a hard floor.
Amelia A Coffey

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