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Separators and Butter Churns


What is meant by “Cream separator with butter churn”? Is this one device to do both things?

This is a simple manual unit that’s separates milk into cream and skimmed milk and later can be used as butter churn. The separator comes with a butter churn attachment. Unfortunately, I do not have the video for the butter churn yet, but I will try to do it shortly. The video about the separator can be viewed on the item description page.

What is meant on separators by “Electrical Metal/Plastic”, “Electrical Metal/Metal”, “Electrical Plastic/Plastic” and “Electric Metal+”

For 80L electric separators, they are available in these variations:
plastic/plastic: all parts, besides the motor and drum, is made out of food grade plastic: milk bowl, spouts, discs, casing etc
plastic/metal: drum, motor and milk bowl is made out of metal (milk bowl is food grade aluminum) the rest: motor casing, spouts and discs are out of plastic
metal/metal: drum, motor, spouts, discs and milk bowl is made out of metal (milk bowl, discs and spouts is food grade aluminum) motor casing is out of plastic.
metal +: all parts out of metal

Do these units work with goat’s milk?

Yes, they do. We sell to a lot of customers with goats and they are happy with it. Please view the video about the 80L/H electric model (section: video). The separation process on the video is shown using goat’s milk. The 50L/H model is also goat-milk compatible.

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