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Below is the list of the frequently asked questions for each product group. Should you have any additional questions or can’t find the answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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UV-B Phototherapy Lamps

The UVB lamps provided by Slavic Beauty serve a simple purpose in helping people clear up their skin conditions in the privacy of their own homes. For people around the world, treating their skin conditions by using UVB phototherapy lamps has proven to be a safe, effective means of treatment.

What follows are a few questions that you may have about the UVB phototherapy lamps offered by Slavic Beauty. These are the most frequently asked questions about the product itself and the answers will cover all the lamps that Slave Beauty provides

  • What does "UV" Stand for?

    UV stands for "ultra violet" which is light that cannot be seen by the human eye, but it still affects the skin. You may have heard about the effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin and wonder if these lamps will burn the skin or contribute to the formation for cancers.

    The answer is that unlike the UV rays from the sun which cover a broad spectrum in terms of light, the lamps themselves are very narrowing targeted to affect the cells which contain eczema, psoriasis and other conditions in which the lamp is designed to treat.

    It is true that if left over the area long enough that the UV rays will eventually burn the skin. However, the UV lamps do come with timers which can be pre-set to either raise an alarm or shut off the lamp entirely so that the risk of burning is minimal. For those with fair skin, as soon as your skin starts turning a light pink it is time to remove it from exposure to the lamp.

  • What Conditions does the UVB Lamps Treat?

    The UVB phototherapy lamps treat a number of skin conditions, but there are four in particular that they are specifically designed to treat.

    • Eczema
    • Psoriasis
    • Vitiligo
    • Hyperbilirubin

    There are other skin conditions as well, but these are generally the four main conditions that are treated by the UVB lamps. The entirety of the skin conditions that can be treated will be indicated by your doctor who will prescribe the use of a UVB lamp to treat your condition.

  • How Exactly does the UVB Lamp Work to Clear up Skin Conditions?

    The basic principle is fairly simple. A select band of UV rays are shined on the affected skin area for a pre-set period of time. The specific frequency of UV light is such that it only affects the skin conditions and not the healthy skin that surrounds it. The light will actually damage the eczema, psoriasis, or vitiligo which in turn causes these cells to die. In their place, healthy skin cells will start to grow over the area.

    To put it simply, the ultraviolet rays actually destroys the skin condition directly so that only healthy skin cells are left to replace them.

  • How Many Treatments will it take to Clear Up the Skin Condition?

    It will depend on the type of skin condition that is being treated as the damage that is done to the skin condition occurs a little bit at a time. Most people will start with sessions that last under a minute and then over the next several days as the healthy skin builds up a tolerance to the UV rays that are being applied they can stay under the lamp for longer periods of time.

    Within the first few sessions, most people will notice that the itchiness is subsiding and the color differential of their skin starts to fade. As the sessions wear on, the condition starts to improve dramatically until it becomes fully healed. There may be a leftover discoloration that fades with time, but for the most part the skin condition is cured.

  • Will the use of UVB Lamps Interfere with my Prescribed Medications?

    There is no evidence at all that using a UVB lamp will have any effect on the medications that you may be taking for other conditions which you might currently be suffering. In fact, one of the best benefits of this type of treatment is that it is drug-free and causes no interaction with medications or prescriptions that you might be taking for other conditions.

    Always check with your doctor first, but generally speaking there is no worry about any interaction between exposure to ultraviolet light and any medications that you might be taking.

  • Are UVB Lamps Expensive?

    Actually, they are very reasonably priced and you can find the ones that work best for your condition. If for example your skin condition is relatively small, there are UVB lamps that are hand held which are simple to use over the area that is affected.

    However, even larger lamps are fairly easy to use and are affordable as well. In fact, your health insurance company may even help pay for such a lamp, but you will have to check with your provider to see what your policy contains in terms of treating skin conditions.

  • How Long with the lamps continue to work?

    With a little maintenance and care, you'll find that the lamps will actually continue to work for many years to come. This can be quite handy if you have reoccurring bouts of a skin condition or other family members have the condition as well.

    It is recommended that you keep the lamp stored in a clean area such as a closet or cabinet where it can be wiped for dust when not in use. If the lamp is not going to be used for a long time, then it might be covered with a light cloth to keep away the dust as well.

    This means as an investment a UVB lamp will last a very long time and can be used for multiple members of the family. Just be sure that it is properly cleaned and maintained so that you can get the most use out of it.

Violet Wands and Electrodes

These are the most common questions that people generally ask about our products, if you have more questions you can contact Slavic Beauty for further information.