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Why You Should Purchase Only from Authenticated Dealers

Slavic Beauty (Gifts From A Far LLC) is the official representative of Motor Sich cream separators in the USA and Western Europe. The recent move of inventory to the USA warehouse and the EU warehouse has allowed people to buy cream separators in the USA and in the EU and not have them shipped from overseas. To avoid buying a fake item, please ask the seller for proof of manufacturer.

Cream separator from Ukraine

Slavic Beauty Cream separator

Slavic Beauty sells through the site, amazon, amazon Europe, eBay, eBay Europe. Please contact us for details and make sure you are buying the original unit

Reasons to buy Cream Separator from Slavic Beauty:

  • Official representative of Motor Sich cream separators
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Fast Delivery from the USA or the EU
  • Customer Service
Ukrainian cream separator from Slavic Beauty

Buy authentic cream separators from Slavic Beauty

It seems that for every authentic item that is being sold in stores, there is a cheap copy that has been created by another company to cash in on the business. From music and video that is pirated from online sources right down to luxury shoes and fashion accessories purchased on the open market, counterfeit copies are a business that runs into billions of dollars every year.

While the authorities have tried to crack down on the perpetrators, there are so many and they come from countries that do little to nothing to stem the tide of counterfeit products that many legitimate businesses lose countless amounts of money every year from their fake products.

Cheap copies do more than just rob authenticated dealers of profit, they cheat the customer as well by providing an inferior product that is not covered by any warranty and will soon fall apart. So, those who purchase cheap counterfeits are being ripped off as well.

Cream Separator Counterfeit Products

Cheap counterfeits apply to so many products that are being sold and that will include cream separators. It may seem rather incredible that an authentic Motor Sich Ukrainian cream separator which is crafted by professionals would ever be copied and sold by pirate marketers, but that is happening today as these products are now entering the marketplace.

There are several reasons that this is happening, but the most likely reason is that cream separators are becoming more popular these days because so many people want to make fresh cream. As people around the world re-discover just how making cream from a simple, yet robust cream separator provides them with the ability to make butter and many other treats for the family, so to have counterfeit marketers realized that there is big business in creating cheap knockoffs of these products.

So, the legitimate companies that create cream separators are now being assaulted by the illegitimate products that mimic the color and appearance of high-quality cream separators. However, because they are poorly constructed and have inferior parts, they fall apart rather quickly, and soon many customers simply give up on purchasing a real, durable, and high-quality cream separator which affects both the legitimate businesses and the customers.

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Slavic Beauty Cream Separator

Telling the Difference between Fake and Real Cream Separators

When it comes to the famed Motor Sich cream separator, it can be quite difficult to tell the difference between the product and the imitation on the internet. This is because when presented on places such as eBay and other auction sites and stores, the basic shape, size, parts, and even the color make them almost impossible to tell apart.

But then again, that is what they are designed to do which is why running across one of them being sold on legitimate websites can make it tough to know that you are buying the real thing. For many people, they will not know the difference until the unit comes to your home and you put it to the test. While a few may fall apart immediately, most cheap copies are usually made just good enough so that they last past the point where you can get a refund from your credit card company and then they fall apart.

Plus, many people will suspect that they receive the product from Slavic Beauty and choose to never buy another again once they find out otherwise. So, how exactly do you tell the difference between an authentic cream separator and a cheap copy? The one sure way is to only purchase from an authenticated dealer site like the one run by Slavic Beauty.

There are also many “one-day sellers” on eBay that offer authentic cream separators from Ukraine. One might save $20 by purchasing from then but will lose in the long run, one or two years later, if service or replacement is needed.

By making your purchase directly from the company, you can rest assured that you can avoid getting a cheap copy. Furthermore, you can still get a good, low, and fair price for a cream separator that will work for a long time and is backed by an impressive warranty.

The Slavic Beauty Cream Separator

There are many reasons to choose the best cream separator from Ukraine which also happens to be the best cream separator from the USA as well. Slavic Beauty is officially recognized in the USA and Western Europe and has built up a stellar reputation for releasing the best products that offer high-quality service while being backed by a solid warranty.

When you choose the authenticated Ukrainian cream separator, you are getting a valued product that will provide years of stellar service for you and your family.

Ukrainian cream separator Motor Sich , buy from Slavic Beauty

Buy authentic cream separator from Slavic Beauty

Solid Production:

The original cream separator is crafted at one of the leading plants in the Ukraine Motor Sich which also makes aircraft engines. Reliability and service are a must in their profession and the same dedication they put into making aircraft engines goes into the cream separators as well. This means high-quality parts, solid construction, and rigorous testing standards.

5 Year Warranty:

Most warranties that you’ll find on many other products may last a year or two. Motor Sich provides a one-year factory warranty. However, Slavic Beauty has been selling the cream separators for over 8 years and we are so sure of their quality and durability that we back the product with a five-year warranty. That ensures you of having a cream separator that will last. However, if something should go wrong within five years of when you purchased the item, Slavic Beauty will honor its warranty.

Fast Delivery:

Slavic Beauty offers free FedEx shipping to the lower 48 states and USP free shipping within the EU from the warehouses in Poland. The customs clearance and taxes are already included in the price so that you get the product in your hands quickly and with no fuss.

buy cream separator and get it delivered fast by UPS ground

Free Shipping within the USA

Customer Service:

Above all, Slavic Beauty believes in delivering the best in customer service which is why they carry an extensive line of parts for all of their products in case something needs to be replaced. Plus, their friendly, courteous staff is here to ensure that their customers are satisfied with both the product and service that is delivered.

Since 2003, Slavic Beauty has dedicated itself to serving its customers and since 2008 has provided one of the best cream separators on the market. When you are ready to buy a cream separator, go with the authentic Ukrainian cream separator from Slavic Beauty and do not settle for imitations.

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