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The Rising Popularity of Being Self Sufficient

With today’s runaway costs of living, more people are turning toward the homestead life of self-sufficiency to cut down on their bills and get more out of their lives. However, the quest for self-sufficiency does have its challenges.

For those who can purchase their own property, consolidate their expenses and grow their own food, the life of self-sufficiency offers many rewards and freedoms that are not possible while living the contemporary life in the system. Essentially, this means embracing homesteading so that you and your family can enjoy more stability in your lives.

What is Homesteading?

Essentially, to homestead is to live a life of self-sufficiency that is characterized by growing your own food, preserving the food you have, and even extending to creating your own clothes and items around your home as well.

The homesteading movement has actually been around for centuries as people of many different cultures rejected active participation in the mainstream of society when it came to purchasing goods and services. Instead, they became more self-reliant and focused on creating a system that can sustain them over time. The origins of the term “homesteading” go back to the 1852 Homestead Act in the United States, however, there are other, similar terms that were used in other countries at the same time. This should not be confused by communities that choose to live in isolation, but instead as a means of being self-sufficient in day-to-day living.

Today, there are many ways that people can plan and prepare to take advantage of this particular lifestyle once they have the property that is sufficient enough to grow their food and raise at least one goat or cow. Specific building techniques along with solar, wind, or geothermal technology will allow a person to live “off-the-grid” and enjoy many of the trappings of modern life without having to pay the month-to-month bills.

The Advantages of the Modern-Day Homesteader

A person who chooses a life of self-sufficiency today would typically be someone that lived in a rural or on the outskirts of a suburban area of the country. They would generally own enough property to grow fruits and vegetables, raise a cow or goat, use renewable energy sources and other resources to help life as inexpensively as possible. Many people who choose this lifestyle actually have their own vehicles to get around on their property.

In fact, making use out of the materials that surround you is part of the homestead lifestyle. This practice was used quite a bit in the late 19th through the mid-20th centuries by people who simply didn’t have the money to purchase what they needed. However, many simple tools and items can be created or reshaped into what is needed for your property.

There are certainly many advantages that come with being on your own and avoiding the hustle and bustle of modern-day life. Here are just a few reasons why living in this manner offers significant advantages for you and your family.

Stability: Imaging living in a world that is unaffected by changing gas, utility, and food prices. That is arguably the major benefit of living this type of lifestyle. The fewer times you have to drive your vehicle, the less the changes in gas prices will affect your life.

Furthermore, the more you can rely on your own resources to provide for you and your family, the less the outside world will affect your life. Living off-the-grid for example means that you are not subject to changing electricity and utility bills. In fact, the homesteader’s ultimate goal is to only pay property taxes each year.

Less Reliance on Outside Goods and Services: While you may not be able to grow and store everything you need, you can pay less for all of your food by buying any extras during a time in which they are priced at their lowest and storing them until needed. However, for most items such as eggs, you can simply go to the chicken coop and get eggs anytime you desire.

Living this type of lifestyle does require more planning ahead, but the results will be saving a considerable amount of money over time.

Security: Because you are less subject to the great changes in the world, you and your family are less vulnerable should any disaster strike. You have all the food, electricity, and resources you need to live for a long time while others may be struggling. This provides more peace of mind when facing a crisis situation.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about lesser disasters such as losing your job or paycheck because you are relying more on non-monetary sources to sustain you and your family. Having this kind of security actually provides you with more freedom to do what you want.

How Having Good Dairy Products are Now Within Reach

For those who have chosen the homestead life, one of the most important requirements is a fresh supply of milk on a daily basis. Fortunately, those who have a cow or goat can get milk when they want for their dinner table.

More than just milk itself, having a good cream separator means that you can make fresh cream when you want to create a number of different dishes. A cream separator is one of the many simple, yet effective home appliances needed in order to sustain this type of lifestyle. You will need a good cream separator that is simple, easy to use, and highly durable so that it works for you day after day.

The homesteading lifestyle is one that offers many personal freedoms and peace of mind for those who want to escape the day-to-day rat race and enjoy a more stable secure life. It is actually easier today for those who want to homestead than ever before if you know how to plan and prepare. Life does pass quickly and this type of back-to-the-Earth lifestyle is one that offers many rewards.



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