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The Benefits of Yogurt

You may have noticed how the store shelves in the dairy section of your grocery store are now stocked full of yogurt products. There is a reason for the remarkable rise of yogurt in the diet of so many people over the past decade. Yogurt provides many health benefits and thanks to new processes now actually tastes pretty good, especially when mixed with fruit or just good flavoring.

Whether you choose to purchase yogurt in the store or create your own at home, it does bring with it plenty of health benefits for the body.

The Benefits of Eating Yogurt

Yogurt provides several health benefits that many people are making it a daily habit to eat yogurt so they can enjoy living a healthier life. Some of the benefits that yogurt brings include the following.

Reduce High Blood Pressure: Thanks to a recent study that involved roughly 5,000 graduates of Spanish universities, those that consumed low-fat milk on a daily basis enjoyed a 50% lower risk of developing high blood pressure. Because milk and yogurt are virtually identical in the properties that they offer, people who consume yogurt on a regular basis should enjoy the same benefits.

Prevent Osteoporosis: The amount of calcium present in yogurt may help prevent the onset of osteoporosis. In fact, the combination of calcium and Vitamin D has demonstrated a clear benefit to the bones in the body. For people who have passed the age of 50, consuming more calcium and Vitamin D through yogurt can help prevent the onset of osteoporosis in many people.

Improves Digestion: This is arguably the most popular benefit that yogurt has and is often touted in commercials selling yogurt products. There are a number of conditions that eating yogurt on a regular basis may improve such as the following;

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease and more

Essentially, yogurt works with the good bacteria found in the gut to help improve how all food is digested. In this manner, yogurt helps people to feel better as well as get more out of their nutrition.

Feel Fuller: For those who are on a diet, eating yogurt not only makes for a great snack, it helps you feel fuller as well. This means that people who eat yogurt regularly feel fuller for longer periods of time and do not snack as often. Yogurt is an excellent addition to the diet.

These are just some of the many advantages that eating yogurt can bring to your diet. While eating pre-packaged yogurt certainly offers these benefits, many have an unnecessary amount of sugar which may actually contribute to weight gain depending on how much you eat. There is a way around this by making your own yogurt.

Make your Own Yogurt

This is really not as difficult as it sounds since thousands of people make their own yogurt every day. All you really need is a cream separator so that you can create the kind of yogurt that you want when you want.

Cream Separators: Today, cream separators are found in homes around the world and can help you create the best yogurt for yourself and your family. This is because a cream or milk separator works with the type of milk that you put into the product.

Making skim milk with a cream separator means that you greatly reduce the fat while still keeping all the healthy vitamins and minerals found in milk. Plus, the cream separator for making yogurt can do so on a daily basis or you can make a larger batch once a week so that you’ll have seven days of yogurt.

The Advantages of Making Your Own Yogurt

There are a number of advantages that you can enjoy by making your own yogurt. While the process may seem a bit lengthy at first, before you know it you’ll be making good, tasty yogurt with the best.

Low Fat: One of the issues with yogurt is that often the product is made from standard or 2% milk instead of skim milk. That extra fat will stay on your body if you eat enough yogurt each day, so cutting down the fat by using skim milk can help you keep your weight steady while enjoying the benefits of yogurt.

Less Sugar: Many store brands have way too much sugar in place because that helps their product taste better. While having the right taste is understandable, you can add in your favorite fruits that will not only have the yogurt you make taste better. It will also keep down the amount of sugar in what you make. While many fruits have sugar in them, it is often trapped in the fibrous part of the fruit where the body has a difficult time absorbing it.

Greater Variety: By using cream separators and the ingredients in your kitchen, you can make yogurt as unique to your tastes as you are. This means that you can create the type of yogurt that will be enjoyed for a long time to come because you can change up the recipe, add more fruits or create your own unique blend.

Less Money: Milk is fairly inexpensive and you can control the number of fruits and flavor additives that you purchase, which means that making your own yogurt is less expensive than purchasing the store varieties over time. This means that you can save a considerable amount of money and enjoy having yogurt when you want.

Overall, it pays to purchase a cream separator so that you can create your own yogurt and enjoy the many benefits that it brings. For the many people around the world that have their own cream or milk separators, they are saving money while enjoying yogurt that is crafted to their tastes.

This is a great way to keep healthy and enjoy the benefits of yogurt while not adding to your budget or consuming too much sugar. Cream separators are relatively inexpensive and they will start paying for themselves very quickly once you start making your own yogurt.

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