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The Advantages of Fresh Butter

Enjoy Fresh Butter

Thanks to the excellent cream separators that are now available on the market, you can make fresh cream and butter at home. Now you can enjoy fresh butter made with the ingredients that you choose in order to get the taste you want and the nutrition that you need.

Fresh cream and butter is something that more people are embracing thanks to simple cream separating devices that makes the milk separation process fast easy.

The Advantages of Making Fresh Butter at Home

There are many advantages to making fresh butter at home as opposed to traditional store-bought butter. From a nutritional, taste, and health standpoint, it really pays to make your own butter from the type of fresh milk that best suits your needs.

Taste: While standard butter created from goat or cow milk is certainly delicious, you can add ingredients such as sage leaves, thyme flowers, Monique or other sweeteners, herbs, and spices that add zest to your creation. Many of these ingredients will soften the butter as well to make it smoother for your bread and rolls.

Nutrition: In addition to making the type of butter you want, there is the nutritional aspect as well. Butter made from goats or grass-fed cows has desirable features beyond the taste. This type of butter includes more beneficial fatty acids that help in reducing bad cholesterol and even protecting against certain forms of cancer as well.

In addition, this type of butter has more Vitamin E and beta-carotenes which are very healthy for the body and the best part is that there are no preservatives. You can make fresh butter when you want and keep it in the refrigerator so that it stays fresh for many days.

Cost: Admittedly, store-bought butter is fairly cheap, but considering all the preservatives it contains, it’s not really worth it for the health of your family. However, making your own fresh butter is fairly cheap as well since all you need is the milk and a cream separator if you want to make it from goat’s milk.

The Advantages of Goat Milk over Cow Milk

The only advantage that cow milk offers in terms of making fresh butter is that you don’t need a cream separator to get the job done. Cow milk has larger fat globules that make it easy to separate without the need of an external device. However, using cream separator makes the separation much faster, as you do not have to let the milk naturally separate for at least 24 hrs. The job can be done in 10-15 minutes! Goat milk on the other hand has many small fat globules that will require a cream separator in order for you to make fresh butter. However, goat milk has many advantages over cow milk and should be your first choice whether you are making butter or just drinking it with your family


Better Digestion: For those who have stomachs that are sensitive to cow milk, you’ll find that goat milk is simply a lot easier to digest precisely because of the smaller fat globules that pass through the system much more quickly than cow milk. In addition, the number of medium-chain triglycerides helps speed up the overall process of digestion as well so you don’t feel bloated or heavy after consuming goat milk.

Lactose Intolerance: For those who are lactose intolerant to cow milk, there is a 50/50 chance that goat milk can be consumed without difficulty. This is also true for those who are allergic to cow milk as goat milk has more desirable properties for the digestive system. A substantial number of lactose intolerance is caused by the alpha S1 casein protein which is not found in goat milk.

Bio-organic Sodium: Goat milk produces more bio-organic sodium than cow milk which is very important to relieving digestive issues such as bloating and even ulcers. Today, we consume so much food that depletes the body of this important ingredient that it may take goat milk to help restore the natural amount in the body.

Better Nutritional Value: Goat milk has more Vitamin A that can be absorbed more quickly as well. Plus, it has more riboflavin or B2 which helps you metabolize proteins and carbohydrates better as well as stimulating your immune system. In addition, there is more protein and calcium in goat milk than in cow milk as well. For these reasons and the fact that goat milk can actually reduce your bad cholesterol level, it is superior to cow milk.


Making Butter with a Cream Separator


Now that the nutritional value of goat milk has been impressed upon you, having a cream separator to use in creating butter from goat milk is important if you want to increase the nutritional benefits by consuming this healthy product in cream and butter form as well.

Cream separators are easy to use, durable in construction, and provide very practical use in your home that goes beyond making butter. However, they are vital to turning goat milk into butter because of the nature of the milk itself. Using a cream separator requires just a little patience and following instructions, but it only takes minutes to accomplish the task when you have the right separator for your needs. Be sure that the cream separator you choose is fashioned from high-quality parts and comes from a reputable manufacturer.

Making butter from fresh cream is a fast and easy process, we will discuss it in our next post. Should you decide to make butter in larger quantities you can purchase an electric butter churn from Slavic Beauty as well.



By following the instructions, you can quickly make fresh cream while using a cream separator. You can later use the cream to make delicious butter. Having such a device in your home makes it possible for you and your family to enjoy fresh cream and butter when you want and get the nutritional benefits as well. In addition, you can garnish the butter with different herbs or ingredients that add the right flavor to match your taste.

In the end, making fresh butter is a healthy choice for you and your family. A good cream separator makes that possible when you are separating healthy goat milk to get the job accomplished. Be sure to check out the different types of cream separators available and choose the one that best suits your needs so you can have good, fresh cream and butter

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