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Slavic Beauty Cream Separator 500L

Today, the interest in homemade cream is now more popular than ever thanks to using simple, yet powerful devices that separate the skimmed milk from the cream for use in making butter and many other products.

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Fresh Dairy Products

Slavic Beauty has released a new cream separator for the home that offers a remarkable number of features while being very durable and resilient. This stainless steel cream separator is for people who enjoy making their own fresh cream. It is a simple, yet powerful device that will do the job.

What is the New Cream Separator 500L?

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500L per hour/126 Gal per hour cream separator from Slavic Beauty

Slavic Beauty has built its reputation on providing the best quality and value in cream separators and the 500L separator offers a product that makes it easier than ever to process milk while still holding up to the standards set by this remarkable company.

The 500L cream separator is designed for use at home. You can hook the device straight to the pipeline, milk pasteurized, or milk tank for direct milk finding from the closed container.

You can use the separator with milk from cows, goats, and sheep and make your own cream for a wide variety of uses.

The Advantages of the Cream Separator 500L

There are many benefits to using this device, particularly if you enjoy making fresh cream for yourself and your family.

100 to 150 Gallons Per Hour

This new 500L separator can process 100 – 150 gal of milk per hour and make a cream for all of your needs. This simple, yet remarkable device is capable of such outputs, yet it is very easy to use.

Compact & Efficient

Although it is capable of handling a considerable amount of milk, the actual unit is fairly small and compact which means
that you’ll have little difficulty finding room for it on your kitchen counter.

Stainless Steel Construction

This remarkable cream separator has stainless steel construction which means that it will hold up for years of normal use. However, if you should run into any issues with it the Slavic Beauty company does offer a 5-year warranty for the product as well as replacement parts.

The separator itself uses simple centrifugal force to separate the milk into skimmed milk and cream. While simple in approach this stainless steel cream separator is designed to perform the task time and time again with the reliability and durability of an industrial quality machine.

If you are looking for the best cream separator in this range, the 500L from Slavic Beauty is the perfect model for you.

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500 L Stainless Steel Cream Separator parts

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