Cream Separator 80 l/h - NEW Model #15

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Price: $ 27800

Separator is a centrifugal device that separates milk into cream and skimmed milk.

This machine is intended for processing the whole milk for separation of cream from skimmed milk with simultaneous removal of contaminants.

This high quality, durable machine is made out of metal and durable plastic that will last for years. (The body part is made out of plastic) The milk bowl, cream and milk spouts, disc and drum are made out of food grade aluminum

Specifications of Separator

  • Max. milk output, l/h 80
  • Drum rotational speed, min-1 10500
  • Number of disks in drum, pcs 10 to 12
  • Milk bowl capacity, l 12
  • Max. butter-fat content in skimmed milk, % 0.05
  • Cream/skimmed milk volume proportion adjustment range 1:4 to 1:10
  • Height: 520 mm
  • Bowl diameter: 365 mm
  • Weight: 6 kg

The unit comes with one year warranty

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