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Thank you for your interest in SlavicBeauty company and products. 

My name is Katya Luniova and I run a small US based family business since 2003. We are happy to offer you high quality and unique products for healthy and simple lifestyle which were mostly made in Ukraine. 

Our company has grown from a hobby to a full-fledged business. I am lucky to have a loving husband who shares my enthusiasm and passion, two beautiful children who are always happy to help with photos and videos and devoted friends who are ready at all times to test our new equipment in their own homestead and give us their honest feedback.

A small team working on big challenges, we listen and understand the needs of our clients. We are learning a lot from our clients, their feedback enriches us with new ideas and inspires us to improve.

I was born and raised in Ukraine, a picturesque country where traditions live.
Since early childhood I was always curious in watching a process, whether it is milking a cow or a miracle of turning white fresh milk into a savory yellow cheese. 

It was exciting to watch the people who seemed knew everything and could do anything  using things at hand and what nature gave them as a gift.

Being charmed by simple lifestyle, I always tried to mark and keep in memory our home recipes and secrets. Later on I became fascinated with the idea to share my family and country heirloom traditions and connect my business with what I have always been most passionate about.

Internet really does make the world a smaller place. It helps my company to offer my products to the customers worldwide. Please click here to see our delivery options in the USA and worldwide Being a part of different hobby farming forums , visiting websites of homesteaders from around the world also helps me to learn and grow. It is exciting to be in the community where people turn their minds to better living habits, want to be cautious with the use of natural resources and seek to consume fresh and healthy food.

We are proud that our products can help people around the world to maintain healthy and simple lifestyle. 

Once you go on a journey through our website, you will find that it is conveniently  divided into three main parts Dairy, Home and Wellness. Start with what interests you the most at the moment. People who are affectionate with hobby farming and have just a couple of cows may find our milking machine to be very useful. For those looking to separate milk our cream separator can be of a great help. Our cheese moulds may provide comfort in making a variety of delicious and healthy dairy products at home. Farmers and gardeners may be interested in hoop green-houses , corn shellers or small hand washing stations. 

Quite possible that for many people it will become an unexpected discovery where magnesium oil can be used. Being admirers of a simple lifestyle, we sell what we like ourselves. And we are proud to say that our products continue to satisfy customers worldwide. 

Our strength comes from honest collaboration with our clients. You are our most important asset. You are the lifeblood of our company after all. We are happy to provide you support at every stage of the purchasing cycle and long after the purchase is completed. We are here not just to sell but to stay with you afterwards. 

Besides our website, our retail customers can find SlavicBeauty products on amazon (most available on Amazon Prime in the USA and Europe) and on eBay. We also sell wholesale.

If you are interested in wholesale even on a small scale, please visit here

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While internet is a wonderful tool in running a business, we understand an importance of а personal encounter. That is why we participate in fairs and expos, such as World Dairy Expo in Madison Wisconsin, EuroTier in Hannover, Germany and many others.

To learn more about the shows and expos we participated in, please click here 

We are happy to offer you an outstanding customer service. We are always an email or a phone call away and ready to provide you with a customized solution that will suite your needs or concerns. We truly believe that our approach and the way we treat our clients make our company stand out in the marketplace.

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