Non-woven covering material, used in the greenhouse, has a porous structure, which passes water, air and light. Does not form condensation on the inside. The temperature under the cover material is higher by an average of 5-10 degrees during the day and by 1.5-3 degrees at night The hoop house comes with special clips for convenient watering and airing the greenhouse. Using the clip, you can easily lift the material along the arc and fix it at the desired height. Durable arcs of HDPE are used for the framework of the hoop house. Corrosion-resistant arcs of the greenhouse are already fixed in the covering material, and the greenhouse itself is folded flat in the package. Arcs are flexible, so you can easily adjust the greenhouse to the size of your garden. With hight 2’62” width will be 3’93”. With hight 1’64”, width will be 4’92” Pegs are extra long and sturdy with reinforced rod. 19.5ft kit includes: 1x covering fabric, 7x HDPE Arcs diameter 0.79”, 14x Pegs lengths 8.26”, 14x clips diameter 0.79”. 26ft kit includes: 1x covering fabric, 9x HDPE Arcs diameter 0.79”, 18x Pegs lengths 8.26”, 18x clips diameter 0.79”

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