Cream Separator 50L/H Manual with Butter Churn Attachment.
Hand operated 50 l/h

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Price: $ 14498
Weight 10.00 lb

Household hand-operated machine is intended for processing the whole milk for separation of cream from skimmed milk with simultaneous removal of contaminants. Excellent for a small farm!


This highly effective, easy-to-use Milk Cream Separator provide a cost effective solution to many dairy farms.

This specially developed machine very carefully separate milk cream from milk.

This quality machine is made out of plastic w/ stainless steel discs inside

This machine maximum capacity: 50 Liters of milk per hour. Milk bowl capacity: 5.5 Liters

Specifications of separator

  • Max. milk output, l/h 50
  • Drum Rotation: 10000+- 800 per min( with 65-75 cranks per min)
  • Milk bowl capacity, l 5.5
  • Max. butter-fat content in skimmed milk, % 0.05
  • Cream/skimmed milk volume proportion adjustment range 1:4 to 1:10
  • Overall dimensions
  • 288x380mm
  • Height:466
  • Weight, kg 3.1

Butter Churn Attachment Specifications


The butter churn is intended for preparing butter from ripened cream, as well as cocktails, mayonnaise, and for stirring batter within the household conditions.


Time, min., for

  • creaming 6-15
  • preparing mayonnaise, cocktails 6-8
  • stirring batter 2-3
  • Activator rotational speed, rpm 900-1000
  • Canister capacity, dm3 5.5

Overall dimensions, mm, no more than

  • width 285
  • height 210
  • Weight, kg, no more than 0,65


  • Butter churn mechanism, pcs. 1
  • Wheel, pcs. 1
  • Upper adapter, pcs. 1
  • Lower adapter, pcs. 1
  • Gear shaft, pcs. 1
  • Cover, pcs. 1
  • Rack, pcs. 1
  • Nut, pcs. 1
  • Supplement to Operating Manual, pcs. 1


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DATE: 6th December, 2012

In summary, if you are looking for a cream separator look no further!
If you are looking for a butter churn, buy a few boxes of Wheaties and get to cranking. You can't go wrong with this unit. It is well made and does a great job!

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DATE: 15th September, 2012

The cream separator is just what I needed with my goats. Shortly after ordering it, my only milker at the time dried herself off. So when the separator got here in less than 2 weeks, I had no milk to put through it. I read the manual and looked at the parts but never really checked it out. 2 months later I got another goat who is milking and had hubby with me this time to try out the new separator. I couldn't find the manual and there was a part missing. I emailed Katya and within a day had a new manual in English and the missing part was on the way. While the separator is exactly what I wanted and needed, the customer service I got was excellent and very much appreciated. I would like to let everyone know that this is a great item, but buying it from Katya is a great investment because of the customer service.
This is a 2-in-1 machine, so I am writing a 2-in-1 review.

This is one AMAZING piece of equipment. I have been using it twice a day for about a week and am still in awe of how it works! Put the raw milk in the top and cream comes out one spout and skim milk from the other! I have a few suggestions:
1) Get the machine up to full speed before you pour your milk in because sometimes the valve does not close fully and it will make a mess if you do not.
2) Make sure the milk is warm when using the machine or it will make a big mess.
3) Run some skimmed milk through the unit at the end of the cycle to evacuate the remaining cream.
4) Run HOT water through after you are done to make cleaning it a lot easier.
All in all, this is an awesome piece of equipment. It is not particularly easy to put together, but it is doable. It does an EXCELLENT job at separating the cream and is VERY easy to operate.

The butter churn part is NOT easy to operate. It does an excellent job, but make sure you have eaten your Wheaties before you start. The crank will wear you out. Make sure you have the machine securely bolted down before making butter or you will be sorry! We used just about 3 quarts of cream to make the butter. 35 minutes later, there was nice yellow butter. The quality of the butter is much better than other methods we used in the past. The yield is excellent. Cleaning the butter churn part is a nightmare! It has butter in every crack and crevice. HOT water is your friend here, it was just heart breaking to see that beautiful butter I spent the last 35 agonizing minutes making going down the drain. Personally, for the butter making, I think a blender does a great job and is MUCH easier to clean.

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DATE: 29th August, 2012

At first it was a little difficult to figure out, but once I watched the instructional video on You-Tube it was very easy. The cream separated and we made some butter. Great.

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